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The kosher Market

The strength of today's kosher retail market can be attributed to increased consumer demand and increased availability of kosher products. It is estimated that approximately 40 per cent of the products on supermarket shelves in the USA are kosher. Manufacturers seek kosher certification to take advantage in marketing their product to an ever wider consumer audience. Multinational brands such as Coca-Cola, Kraft, and Heinz, amongst many others, have gained kosher certification. As more manufacturers enter the kosher market consumer choice has increased. 

Key Kosher Financials

  • Market for kosher products is expected to be $17 billion by 2013

  • Over 45 million consumers worldwide

  • Growth rate 2008 – 2010 10%

  • Number of kosher products in US supermarkets: 125,000

  • Over 45 million Kosher consumers worldwide. - only a small proportion are Jewish. 

  • A recent Mintel survey in 2011 highlighted kosher as the most frequent on-package claim for new products at 27%.

Data recorded from CBS Market Watch 2005 report,, Packaged Facts / New York Times 2010, Mintel's Global New Products Database 2011.

The Kosher Consumer

1,300,000 - Number of year Round Kosher Jewish Consumers

3,500,000 - Total Number of Muslims and Other religions eating kosher products

7,450,000 - Kosher is Better

Per 13/10/13